Club History 

70 years building connections.

The American Club of Madrid formally began in 1952, founded by CEOs of various American companies based in Madrid. In the 50s and 60s, when Madrid was a favorite location for filming the grand American movies of the period, several American celebrities such as Eva Gardner, Charlton Heston and Tyronne Power were also associated with the ACM.

Over the years, the American Club of Madrid has evolved with the changing times and today´s ACM created a modern Mission Statement, which is to engage the American population of Madrid, as well as the local Spanish and International community through events and activities, which help foster a strong relationship and understanding between the United States and Spain 

​Past Presidents

Li​Frank E. Howell 1952-1954

George E. Train 1954-1955

Ross A. Ross 1956-1958

Edward H. Kreisler 1958-1960

Nicholas A. Libertore 1960-1962

George V. Skain 1963

Capt. Henry T. Jarrell 1963-1964

Edward H. Kreisler 1964-1965

Robert T. Waid 1965-1966

Robert C. Ottke 1966-1968

Joe F. Ellis 1968-1970

Daniel H. Lowell 1970-1972

James Carrillo 1972-1974

Milton H. Lehr 1974-1976

Richard Robinson 1976-1978

Edward H. Kreisler 1978-1980

Max R. Tudor 1980-1982

Daniel H. Lowell 1982-1983

Edward H. Kreisler 1983-1984

Larry J. Staley 1984-1985

Richard J. Dron 1985-1987

Donald R. Wood 1987-1988

Luis A. Baralt 1988-1990

Edward H. Kreisler 1990-1992

Ward Wallace 1992-1933

James Dodson 1993-1995

Patricia Mendoza 1995-1997

Richard Rew 1997-1998

Daniel H. Lowell 1998-1999

Joe Roman 1999

Luis Baralt 1999-2000

James Frances 2001-2002

James Dodson 2002-2004

Julio Vidal 2004-2008

Kristi Green 2008-2009

Cristina Reguera 2009

Michael DiSanto 2009-2011

Jennifer French 2011-2013

Jennifer Peters 2013

Kristi Green 2014

​Liz Keating 2015-2018

Thelma Butts 2018-2019

Michael Brian 2019-2021

Fernando F. Carmena 2021-2023

Honorary Presidents

The Honorable Stanton Griffis 1952

The Honorable Lincoln Mac Veigh 1952-1953

The Honorable James Clement Dunn 1953-1955

The Honorable John Davis Lodge 1955-1961

The Honorable Anthony J. Drexel Biddle 1961-1962

The Honorable Robert F. Woodward 1962-1965

The Honorable Robert F. Wagner 1968-1969

The Honorable Robert C. Hill 1969-1972

The Honorable Horacio Rivero 1972-1974

The Honorable Wells Stabler 1975-1978

The Honorable Terence E. Todman 1979-1983

The Honorable Thomas O. Enders 1983-1986

The Honorable Reginald Bartholomew 1986-1989

The Honorable Joseph Zappala 1989-1992

The Honorable Richard C. Capen 1993

The Honorable Richard Gardner 1993-1997

The Honorable Edward Romero 1998-2000

The Honorable George Argyros 2001-2004

The Honorable Eduardo Aguirre 2004-2008

The Honorable Alan D. Solomont 2010-2013

The Honorable James Costos, 2013-2016

The Honorable Richard Duke Buchan III, 2017-2021

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